I am Chereon Hoopes. I will be your Light Worker Instructor

I have been married 31 years to the Love of my Life, Neil Hoopes, and we have seven very highly sensitive Warriors.  My 6thchild, Madilenne, recruited me to this path of healing in a quest for her to be pain free.  What I have found is hope, peace, joy, and the ability to turn on the lights within ourselves and heal completely.  After 6 years of searching, I present to you the Light Worker I, II, & III Trainings!

A little More About Me

wawaMy Grandmother was a natural healer.  She made me eat avacados mixed with brewers yeast on Wheat thins.  She took me to chiropractors and made me drink foul tasting herbal tea to help me get over my seizures that I had as a young girl.  She would rub my feet and taught me about reflexology. 

            My father was a medic in the Vietnam war, and had a master’s degree in Psychology.  He was always looking after our diets.  Bee pollen, deer collagen, growing a garden, and hunting our own meat was important to him.  We have been involved in essential oils and green house ventures.  He is currently growing tropical fruits and tomatoes in the sub-zero temperature winters in Wyoming.

            My mother was a Registered nurse over infection control.  She was trained as an Aroma Touch therapist for the Hospital and is now practicing Homeopathic medicine. 

            I began my college career wanting to be a pharmacist.  Microbiology and Abnormal Psychology were my favorite subjects.  I received my Bachelors in Psychology Degree From Utah State University in 2001.  My mother and I took Dr. Kal Sellers’s Herbal college together for 6 months learning to identify medicinal herbs growing in the wild and what to do with them and how to treat illness very naturally.  I received my Crystal Healer Certificate in May 2019, wherein I learned Vibrational / Einsteinian Medicine.